Connect I/O- A SoftPLC

Connect I/O is a SoftPLC by Real Games which makes Complex Logic Simple

Course Specifications :

 Connect I/O- A SoftPLC


Connect I/O- A SoftPLC Course Description :

This course contains series of videos to learn Functions of Connect I/O. It includes 12 Lessons which will teach you “How to use Connect I/O”

Following are the topics covered in this Course:

  • Basic Arithmetic Functions
  • Making Arithmetic Expressions:
  • Understanding Primary Gate Functions- OR, AND & NOT
  • Making Customize Boolean Expressions
  • Set & Reset Function- SR & RS
  • Comparison Commands
  • Timers – TON & TOFF
  • Counters CTU, CTD & CTUD
  • Bit to Byte Byte to Bit- Encoding & Decoding
  • Triggers- Rising Edge & Falling Edge
  • Assign Function- MOVE Value
  • DAQ Interface with Connect IO & PLC

Connect I/O is a free SoftPLC which is able to communicate with different types of technologies.

It enables the creation and control of data flows between input and output points. The application can be connected to both software and hardware and will work as a bridge between them.

Engine I/O allows the exchange of data with external applications. This is how Connect I/O interfaces with other Real Games software.


Use most of the IEC 61131-3 Standard function blocks with the SoftPLC included in Connect I/O.The Real Games approach to simulations is to develop an open environment which can be accessed and expanded by anyone.

The Engine I/O is a .NET Framework 2.0 assembly, which enables inter-process communication (IPC) between simulations and external technologies which can be software (MATLAB, LabVIEW…) or hardware (Arduino, PICAXE, etc.).

To know more about this course , its Curriculum and how to enroll , you can visit their official page on Udemy :

Connect I/O- A Soft PLC



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