Design Industrial Control Circuits Using PLC

A bootcamp from wiring basics to PLC using ladder logic Course will help you Master  PLC, industrial automation & design circuits using 3 PLC types (Zelio, Simatic,& Omron)

  • Course Provider : Udemy
  • Course Instructors : Mina Sameh
  • Price : $26 (Use this Special Udemy Promo Code and get 75% Discount : ” 75-OFF “)
  • Lectures : 46
  • Video: 10 Hours
  • Skill Level: All Levels
  • Languages: English
  • Includes: Lifetime access, 30 day money back guarantee, Available on iOS and Android and Certificate of Completion.

A bootcamp from wiring basics to PLC using ladder logic

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN From Learn A bootcamp from wiring basics to PLC using ladder logic COURSE?

  • Industrial control wiring
  • PLC programming
  • Design and create circuits to control and run different kinds of industrial production lines
  • ladder logic in (schneider, siemens, omron, …)
  • Electric industrial automation
  • Learn all about the control circuit components


DESCRIPTION of A bootcamp from wiring basics to PLC using ladder logic COURSE:

Learn how to Design industrial automation circuits using 3 different PLCs (Zelio, Simatic, and Omron)  to control and operate production lines and industrial machines. This course is going to start from the very beginning like the electricity and the 3 phase going through the components of the circuit ending up with designing and simulating complex control circuits that operate a complete production line using 3 Softwares of 3 different PLCs. So that means that the course is divided into 3 parts first Intro to 3phase world then circuit components and application circuits to apply how to connect and use each component in designing the circuit and finally the last part is designing complex circuits on the PLC software we are going to that on three different PLC to get wide knowledge about the differences between the different types and models between the PLCs. The best thing about this course is that it is very summarized meaning that we are not going to waste your time and hit the point. Also, you will learn the automation process meaning transforming the operation of a machine or a production line into an electrical circuit that does the job of the machine or the production line.


  • Any one curious about designing industrial control circuits
  • Anybody want to learn about factory automation design
  • Electrical engineers
  • Control Eningineers
  • Industrial Engineeres

YOU CAN ACCESS A bootcamp from wiring basics to PLC using ladder logic from here. 

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