Everything You Need To Know About RS485

In this udemy Course : Everything You Need To Know About RS485 , You will Learn how to Build, Maintain and Troubleshoot RS485 communication networks


WHAT WILL YOU LEARN From Everything You Need To Know About RS485 COURSE?

  • Be aware of the two areas of consideration for RS485 communications
  • Understanding of communication port parameters
  • Understanding of cabling standards
  • Configure RS485 communications between a PLC and a Computer
  • Be able to effective use a USB-to-RS485 converter for connection to a Computer
  • Understand the process of serial data transmission
  • Be able to troubleshoot any RS485 based network in the field of plant automation


  • Fundamentals of binary data systems and how computers store and exchange binary data

 DESCRIPTION of Everything You Need To Know About RS485 COURSE:

RS-485 is the de facto workhorse of data communications in the field of plant automation.

It is very effective in applications with significant electrical interference (noise) requiring a long transmission distance. Thus, the standard is often used in industrial applications. It is as an inexpensive local area network (LAN) connection that allows multiple receivers to connect within a multi drop configuration. RS-485 does not include a communications protocol.

This course delivers the theoretical and practical aspects of RS-485 in a very effective way, so that at the end, you will be able to build, maintain and troubleshoot any RS-485 based network in the plan automation field. The course features a live physical connection between a PLC and a Computer via a USB-to-RS485 converter, an example that is key to effective troubleshooting of RS-485 systems.

After completing this course, you will be able to integrate devices from the same manufacturers and different manufacturers, that are RS-485 compliant, to form a complete seamless network.


  • Electrical Engineers
  • Electrical Technicians
  • Electrical Tech or Engineering Students
  • Process Control Technicians and Engineers
  • Process Automation Engineers

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