From Wire to PLC , Industrial Automation Systems Course

In this Industrial Automation Systems Course : From Wire to PLC , Industrial Automation Systems Bootcamp is an An Intensive PLC Course and An Industrial Automation Course and is considered now as one of the most popular PLC Courses and Industrial Automation Courses on Udemy Platform , and also one of the top rated courses in this field, the Industrial Automation Systems Bootcamp comes with huge  resources including : 171 Lectures and more than 16 Hours of Training Videos , you will learn how to Build Electrical Automation Projects From Sctratch. Starting From Wires , Control Circuits And Ending With PLC And HMI

PLC Course , Industrial Automation Systems Course

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WHAT WILL YOU LEARN IN Industrial Automation Systems Course :

  • Design Factories Automation from A to Z
  • Design Automation Electrical Panels
  • Draw Schematics for Electrical panels
  • Calculation of cable sizes for any project
  • Design Motor driving control circuits
  • Get knowledge and hands on experience in using VFD
  • Learn to program PLC in Ladder Diagram (LD)
  • Learn to program PLC in Fucntional Blocks (FB)
  • Learn to program PLC in Structured Text (ST)
  • Learn to program PLC in Continuous Flow Chart (CFC)
  • Design Human User Interface (HMI)
  • Design protection for electrical panel
  • Learn about the different sensors exist in indusrty



  • No prior knowledge is required. However , any basic knowledge in programming and circuits is helpful but not a must.

DESCRIPTION OF From Wire to PLC , Industrial Automation Systems Course :

This  Course is an intensive course that tries to cover all the concepts required to build a fully functional Electrical Automation Projects.

This course will walk you through the process of designing your own projects from scratch step by step by first introducing you to the most basic components and concepts that you should be familiar with to keep up with the course and ending with two real-world  compilation projects that will sum up everything you’ve  learned .

This course will teach you many design skills , software , and electrical engineering concepts in a way that you can combine what you have learned to create a whole real project.

A summary of what will be covered in :

  1. Basic Electrical Concepts
  2. Basic Electrical Components and how they operate
  3. Traditional motor driving control circuits
  4. Modern motor driving equipment
  5. Protection components and how to choose them
  6. Wiring and cable sizing
  7. Sensors and their utilization in real projects
  8. Electrical Panel Troubleshooting
  9. Schematics drawing and design
  10. PLC programming using Ladder Logic
  11. PLC programming using Structured Text
  12. PLC programming using Functional Block Diagram
  13. PLC programming using continues flow chart
  14. Human User Interface design and Animation
  15. Two A to Z compilation projects
  16. Web/Phone based Visualization

Before you get into programming, you will calculate and choose wisely all you required components according to standards and your project  specifications , you will draw schematics for the project using a CAD software, and then you will start programming using the most modern industrial programming languages supported by different PLC brands , then you will add the HMI and animation and start simulating what you programmed.


  • Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • Control Eningineers
  • Computer Engineers
  • Industrial Engineeres
  • Anybody willing to learn a new profession from scratch
  • Anybody enthused about factory automation design
  • Electrical/Electronics/Computer/Control/Mechatronics  or industrial engineering Graduates and Students
  • A graduate Engineering preparing for job in the industrial automation field and not knowing what to expect in there
  • Anybody willing to learn PLC programming effectively with real life examples
  • Anybody who knows how to program a PLC but have no idea how conduct a full electrical automation project from scratch
  • Mechanical engineers who are looking to do the electrical and automation parts of their projects on their own

YOU CAN ACCESS From Wire to PLC , Industrial Automation Systems Bootcamp COURSE FROM HERE. 





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