Learn Variable Frequency Drives: wire & program a VFD

Learn Variable Frequency Drives: wire & program a VFD Course will help you Master the art of VFD wiring and programming. Don’t just read a manual, take your VFD skills to the next level now!

  • Course Provider : Udemy
  • Course Instructors : The Wiring Wizard
  • Price : $39.99 (Special Discount 43% off the original price when using Buying this Course from Here)
  • Lectures : 80
  • Video: 4 Hours
  • 15 downloadable resources
  • 13 Articles
  • Skill Level: All Levels
  • Languages: English
  • Includes: Lifetime access, 30 day money back guarantee, Available on iOS and Android and Certificate of Completion.

Learn Variable Frequency Drives : wire & program a VFD

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN From Learn Variable Frequency Drives: wire & program a VFD COURSE?

  • VFD power & control wiring
  • Quick start up
  • VFD programming
  • Analog & digital inputs
  • Output relay wiring & programming
  • Display, basic & advanced parameters
  • Advanced VFD concepts
  • Fault codes



  • A basic understanding of electrical circuits
  • A basic understanding of induction motors
  • Understand the difference between voltage and current
  • Understand the difference between 3 phase & single phase
  • Understand the difference between AC and DC, although not critical
  • Have a basic idea of what a VFD is used for, although not critical
  • Understand the measurement of frequency in hertz, although not critical


DESCRIPTION of Learn Variable Frequency Drives: wire & program a VFD COURSE:

In this course we will be working with the Allen Bradley PowerFlex4 variable frequency drive.

You may have heard about VFDs, seen them in operation or you might have even installed one or two yourself. Whatever your experience level is with VFDs this course will give your skills a major boost, especially for the model that we will be working with. Using the quick start manual provided in the course, together we will learn step by step the art of wiring and programming a VFD from scratch!

In a nutshell:

We start off by pulling our VFD out of the box to familiarise ourselves with it.

We then learn how to protect the drive and wire it up to our motor for the first time.

Resetting the drive back to it’s factory settings is next which will prepare us for our first round of programming.

After powering-up our drive we use the keypad controls to fire up our motor and explore some display features.

Once we have graduated from the keypad controls we will learn all about remote control wiring.

Gradually adding levels of complexity to our installation we move onto using the relay outputs and analog inputs.

We then explore some advanced wiring and programming concepts with plenty of demonstrations.

To bring it home we look at possible fault situations and the fault codes that relate.

In detail we will learn:

Power wiring

General precautions

Keypad operation

Motor parameter entry

Start source, stop mode and speed reference

2-wire, 3-wire and potentiometer control

Ramp time adjustment

Relay output wiring and selector programming

SINK vs SOURCE configuration

External supply control

Multiple preset frequency output

0-10volt and 4-20ma analog control

Electric braking

PWM output frequency

Flying start

Process factor

Start boost

Voltage band adjustment

Fault codes

And much more………….


  • Beginner or advanced technicians curious to learn more about VFDs and motor control
  • Anyone wanting to learn how to connect a VFD to a motor
  • Anyone wanting to learn how to program a VFD from scratch
  • Anyone interested in learning how to wire up the digital or analog control inputs of a VFD
  • Anyone curious about how VFDs control motors

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