Best Free Electrical Engineering Courses

The biggest online learning platform Udemy is offering many free courses – including many Free Electrical Engineering Courses- on their platform for a very limited time to all the learners around the world, So , here we will present a comprehensive list of some of the Best Free Electrical Engineering Courses we specially picked for you :

Best Free Electrical Engineering Courses (June 2020) :

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Physics: Intro to Electricity & Magnetism

The first course of this list of the Best Free Electrical Engineering Courses would be about the physics of the electricity and Magnetism .

This Course is A fun and easy way to boost your physics grades and to explain how objects get electrically charged, both with and without touching other charged objects.
Learn how to Set up and solve problems involving Coulomb’s Law, Explain how the electric field is independent of the test charge, Solve problems involving electric charges moving through electric fields and Determine the electric fields created by point charges and charge distributions

Mathematics for Engineering

Applied Mathematics for Beginners , learn the Ability to distinguish different numbers types and understand power, logarithm, sine and cosine , Understanding the difference between functions and equations and knowing how to plot basic functions and solve for equations.

Knowing the definition of differentiation and integration from the first principle and how to use some properties and rules to find the derivatives and integration of more complicated functions

Ability to do basic complex number arithmetic using both polar and rectangular forms.

Understanding sequence and series and knowing how to evaluate a series.

Knowing why all of these topics are important in engineering

MATLAB Basics for Beginners – Learn from Top Experts

Learn From Top MATLAB Experts In The Field – MATLAB Basics, Data Visualization, Conditions, Loops , Working Knowledge of MATLAB, Customize MATLAB to Your Preferences, Perform Various Arithmetic Operations with MATLAB, Understanding of Vectors, Understanding of Matrices, Basic Data Visualization, Basic Conditional Statements – If/Else, Basic Loops and Basic Functions

Get Started with MATLAB & Simulink: An Intro for Beginners

A beginner’s overview to get you started. This course will introduce you to the capabilities of MATLAB and Simulink. Run MATLAB on your own PC and Have an understanding of what MATLAB is capable of.

MATLAB Master Class: Go from Beginner to Expert in MATLAB (90% Discount )

MATLAB from beginner to advance level with Advanced Data Types and Applications from Data Science and Data preprocessing will let you learn  :

  • Develop beginer to advance level skills of Programming with MATLAB. This is the only course which enables you to learn intermediate and advance programming data structures such as structures, tables, times tables, cells and map container.
  • Gain Hands-On experience with MATLAB for visualizing, analyzing and formulating intermediate and some advanced level problems using MATLAB programming skills
  • Experience some real world applications of MATLAB in solving Data Science problems.

The Complete MATLAB Mastery – From a Beginner to an Expert (90% Discount)

Learn From Top MATLAB Experts In The Field :

  • You will have in-depth working knowledge of MATLAB, how MATLAB prefers to work, why to use some functions instead of others
  • You will learn how to write High Quality, Documented and Speed Optimized MATLAB Code
  • You will learn how to solve multi-initial conditions problems and visualize the results
  • Customize MATLAB to Your Preferences
  • Perform Various Arithmetic Operations with MATLAB
  • Deep Understanding of Vectors
  • Deep Understanding of Matrices
  • How MATLAB Actually Prefers to Work
  • Data Visualization – Visualize Your Experiments to Better Express Yourself
  • Conditional Statements – If/elseif/else/switch
  • Relational & Logical Operators
  • How Loops Work – For and While Loops
  • How to Use Nested Loops
  • How to Create MATLAB Functions
  • Inputs and Outputs of Functions
  • Safeguarding Your Functions Against Incorrect Inputs


Another Free Electrical Engineering Course, to let you Learn more about the Electrical Design Basics for Building Services.
Top Free Electrical Engineering Courses

Image by Harry Strauss from Pixabay

Design Over & Under Voltage Protection Circuit

Learn how a electric stabilizer works & design one for yourself

Design a complete over voltage & under voltage protection circuit (a electric stabilizer)

You will be able to design voltage dividers.

You will be able to design a complete relay driving circuit

Introduction to Circuit Logic – Calculators from Scratch

A Free Electrical Engineering Introductory Course in Digital Electronics, specifically regarding the simulation of a basic calculator. learn about Circuitry, Electronics, Computer science, Logic and Boolean Logic.

Electronics, MicroPython, and BBC Microbit Bootcamp

Learn Basics of Electronics, MicroPython, and BBC Microbit in detail in a single course ,Basics of Electronics, BBC Microbit, and MicroPython , Get started with MicroPython Programming , Understand Basic Electronic Components and Buses and Understand the basics of BBC Microbit hardware and pin structure

Build a Successful 2020 Solar Energy Off-Grid PV Business

Have a PV system overview, Difference between Amps, Volts and Watts , Describe PV array configuration, How to build your own combiner box (Real Experience), Full Knowledge about the types of solar energy components in the market.

Also , Learn how to Design the full PV Solar System, Sizing and selecting the right component for your Solar Energy project, The effects of temperature and wind loading and Sun Peak Hour (SPH)

Design Studio Certification by The Solar Labs

Learn How to design Solar PV Systems in The Solar Labs Design Studio

Artificial Neural Network for Regression

Build an ANN Regression model to predict the electrical energy output of a Combined Cycle Power Plant , Learn How to implement an Artificial Neural Network in Python , How to do Regression and How to use Google Colab.

Electronics Engineering Technology Fundamentals-Updated-2020 (50% Discount)

Electronics circuits including: Direct current (DC), alternating current (AC), digital circuits (DigC), and solid state
  • Understand and apply safety rules when working with electronic circuits and devices.
  • Understand and apply the principles of design and operation of Direct Current (DC) circuits and devices.
  • Understand and apply the principles of design and operation of Alternating Current (AC) circuits and devices.
  • Understand and apply the principles of design and operatoin of Digital (Dig) circuitsa and devices.
  • Understand and apply the principles of design and operation of Solid State circuits and devices.
  • Design and simulate basic DC circuits and applications

Start Automation ,Microcontroller ,Scada from scratch !

Smart Introduction to Automation using Smart ways to introduce you to automation world very quickly.

You will be able to develop PLC programs and logic for Basic projects , You will learn the basic items to start your programming world and You will have an overview about how to make Scadas .

Electrical Design in Industrial Automation – The Insight

Learn how to start to design an industrial automation system (with REAL-LIFE PHOTOS) and which top-notch software to use, What it takes to design an electrical cabinets and system for an industrial refrigeration application, Which software to use to work as a professional design engineer in industrial environment, See for yourself how does a 400kW / 715A electrical cabinet looks like (PHOTOS), and Learn how is it possible to work with 60mm busbar system although having altogether 715A of current consumption

Fieldbus Primer

A video course and reference work on fieldbus systems, After the course you will be able to understand the terms fieldbus and fieldbus protocol, You will gain an overview of the most important fieldbus protocols and are therefore able to understand and classify the use of various fieldbus protocols

PLC Programming 100

An Introductory Free Electrical Engineering Course about PLC and Control Systems.
Learn about the PLC Programming for Industrial Application, Applicable in the Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, Power Generation, Petrochemical, ESD, PSD, F&G, instrumentation, Process Controls, SCADA, ICSS, DCS.

8086 Microprocessor Architecture In One Video-In Easy Way

8086 Microprocessor Architecture-Working Mechanism with Core Concept (BIU,EU,Registers,Memory Segmentation)
Learn the working mechanism of 8086 Microprocessor Architecture in Depth.

Image by a91254284 from Pixabay

8051 Microcontroller

One of the most popular and the Best Free Electrical Engineering Courses on udemy Platform , Learn how to Code and Test  the 8051 Microcontroller , Program 8051 IO Ports 0,1,2, 3 , Use built-in mikroC libraries, Program seven segments and character LCD, Program serial port, Program different modes of timers and counters, Program Serial port interrupt, Program two external hardware interrupts, and Program timers interrupts.


This course is to get introduced to arduino UNO,interfacing embedded devices,IoT,and plotting sensors data to the cloud

Students will able to learn from scratch for building IOT projects starting from blinking LED’s to Plotting digital and analog sensor values to the cloud,and then by retrieving the data from the cloud which can be useful in AI Application and cloud analytics

The Basics of Household Wiring. The Electrical System A to Z (85% Discount)

Everything Electricity, from your Circuit (Breaker) Panel, Outlets, Switches, Receptacles, Light Fixtures, Cable, Wire., learn:

  • Understand how electricity works, how it is generated, transmitted to, and distributed throughout your home.
  • Wire a receptacle (regular, switched, GFCI), a single-pole switch (3 and 4-way), a light fixture, and more!
  • Have the knowledge and skills to safely and competently complete most home electrical projects and repairs.

Home Automation projects with NodeMCU ESP8266 & iOS 11

Learn how to easily make Home Automation projects with Basic Electronic Components

Build Home Automation IoT projects and the iPhone apps to accompany them

Image by Thomas1311 from Pixabay

A guide to get you started to use the open source program KiCad for your next electronics project.
By the end of the cource you will be able to create a printed circuit board on your own.

Connect I/O- A SoftPLC

A SoftPLC by Real Games which makes Complex Logic Simple
Turn complex logic into simple fun.

Pnumatic Actuator types and working

A basic course about pneumatic,electric,hydraulic actuators , operation of pneumatic,electric and hydraulic actuators in process industry

Tech Basics: Cables & Connectors

Another one of the most Popular and also one of the Best Free Electrical Engineering Courses on udemy, this course is An introduction to help you understand connectors between the many electronics tools, devices and gizmos we use today.
What Will I Learn?
  • This class provides you with lessons to give you just the right amount of knowledge to better understand how to connect your home electronics.
  • Fundamentals of the electronic signal: elementary signal flow, shielded cables, plug vs. jack.
  • Differentiation between video streams and video files – critical info if you have or are looking for a new camcorder/camera
  • Review of most common audio connectors: Phone (1/4″, Mini, Sub-Mini, Micro); RCA/Phono, XLR, Optical
  • Most common video connectors: Phono/RCA – both composite & component, S-video, BNC, IEEE 1394 (4-pin, 6-pin, & 800), HDMI
  • Common Monitor connectors: HDMI, DVI, Display Port, Mini-Display Port, VGA
  • Peripheral connections: USB (A, B, Mini, Micro), USB 2.0 vs. 3.0, Thunderbolt
  • Adapters: When and how to adapt connectors when connecting audio, video, monitors or peripherals. When is the only time to use a Y-adapter, barrels vs. cable adapaters.
  • When and why you need to use a Digital>Analog Converter
  • Two recommended freeware computer applications to help transfer between different video file formats.

The Complete Basic Electricity & Electronics Course (85% Discount)

Learn how Electricity, Electronic Components and Circuits work. Join over 5,000 happy students!
  • Understand the concept of electric Voltage and Current
  • Understand how the most important electronic components work
  • Analyze and design basic electronic circuit

Introduction to Power Electronics: From Theory to Practice

Leverage your knowledge. Expand your limits. Basic concepts to understand the world of Power Electronics

Learn about the behaviour of resistor, inductors and capacitors in AC circuit

Understand and analyze the use of diode, thyristor and IGBT

Use the application of MATLAB/SIMULINK

Create and analyze their own simulation circuit model

Image by Picdream from Pixabay

Altium Circuit Maker Beginner Course

  • Design a Power Distribution Board for Racing Drones
  • basic understanding of electronic design process
  • how to get started with Altium CircuitMaker
  • get an Overview how eletronic is developed, guided with a simple example
  • How to Set up a Project in Altium Circuit Maker and add Schematics and a Printed Circuit Board Document
  • Draw a Schematic for a Power-Distribution-Board of a Mini-Quadrocopter
  • Search Components and place them on a schematic
  • Component Placement on a Printed Circuit Board
  • Routing a Printed Circuit Board for a Mini Quadrocopter
  • All the Steps of creating Manufacturing Data for your Board

Cisco Careers: Want to Earn 100K+ as a Network Engineer?

  • Map Out Your Career Path
  • Understand The Benefits (IE. Work From home)
  • Know How To Accelerate Your Career
  • How to Jumpstart Your Career Step by Step
  • Learn How to Earn Six Figures

So You Want to be a Network Engineer?

Find out which IT certification is right for you with these sample lessons. From beginner to advanced.
What Will you Learn:
  • Work out which IT path you prefer
  • Get a basic understanding of various networking technologies

Introduction to Robotics & Autonomous Car Design

Learn the basics circuit design and build your own autonomous car

Learn the basics of Robotics & Engineering, and learn to build their own autonomous wheeled robot.

3D Printing Workshop. How to use and maintain a 3D Printer.

Learn everything to do with 3D Printing and get making today!

Learn more about 3D Printing, how does it work, tips and how to maintain your 3D Printer.

Image by ZMorph3D from Pixabay

Electricity and electronics – Robotics, learn by building (85% Discount)

Over 14,700 enrolled in this special Electrical Engineering Course. Open career opportunities and have fun learning electronics focused on building robots/automation!
learn :
  • develop and build analog electronics circuits
  • you will build multiple circuits from sound buzzers to bionics where we actually control a servo motor by reading signals from your muscles

Arduino Step by Step More than 50 Hours Complete Course (90% Discount)

Learn more about Arduino, C Programming, PIC Microcontroller, PCB Design, Wed Design for IOT, PID Controller Everything Included

  • Design Arduino Circuits
  • Virtualise your Arduino on PC Screen using LabVIEW
  • Learn Arduino Programming & Interfacing
  • Program Arduino using C Language
  • Design LabVIEW Interface
  • Program Using LabVIEW
  • Connect LabVIEW with Arduino
  • Learn serial communication basics in LabVIEW
  • Learn serial communication basics in Arduino

Arduino Workshop 2018 | A step-by-step Arduino how-to guide

Learn how to use Arduino, we’ll teach you how to code and prototype with electronics.

Understand what an Arduino is and how it works

Learn how to use an Arduino safely

Program your Arduino using code that you’ve written in the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

Learn programming concepts using C and C++ along with Arduino specific programming

Understand best practice concepts for programming and prototyping

Use a wide variety of hardware and components and prototype your projects using a breadboard

Build your own innovative project with Arduino

Arduino Discovery: programming the UNO board made simple.

Learn to program the Arduino UNO and communicate with a variety of peripherals.

At the end of the course, students will be able to write programs on an Arduino board and communicate with a variety of peripherals.

Students will also learn the the process of finding and using libraries and understand sample code for new peripherals not even covered in this class.

Arduino Step by Step: Getting Started (90% Discount)

Learn :
  • Build simple circuits around the Arduino Uno, that implement simple functions.
  • Write simple Arduino sketches that can get sensor reading, make LEDs blink, write text on an LCD screen, read the position of a potentiometer, and much more.
  • Understand what is the Arduino.
  • Understand what is prototyping.
  • Understand analog and digital inputs and outputs
  • Understand the ways by which the Arduino can communicate with other devices
  • Use the multimeter to measure voltage, current, resistance and continuity
  • Use protoboards to make projects permanent
  • be productive with the Arduino IDE, write, compile and upload sketches, install libraries
  • Understand what is Arduino programming, it’s basic concepts, structures, and keywords
  • Detect and measure visible light, color, and ultraviolet light
  • Measure temperature, humidity and acceleration
  • Measure the distance between the sensor and an object in front of it
  • Detect a person entering a room
  • Detect a noise
  • Make noise and play music
  • Display text on a liquid crystal display

The Arduino and Electronics Bootcamp

One of the very popular Free Electrical Engineering Courses among the Professional Engineers and the Arduino Hobbyists alike, Learn Electronics Basics, Arduino Platform and Ecosystem, Arduino C Programming, LED Chaser Programming

Build projects with Arduino Uno

Understand what is the Arduino Platform and Ecosystem

Understand Digital Outputs

Detailed Tour of Arduino IDE and Settings

Work with simple and RGB LEDs

Work with LED Bar Display

Work with 7-Segment LED display

Prepare LED Chaser Circuits

Unpacking the Internet of Things (IoT)

Understand why companies across the globe are investing big in IoT

Identify essential components and capabilities of IoT products

Access leading industry research and resources

A Simple Framework for Designing IoT Products

Know how to identify five essential elements of a smart, connected product

Understand the business implications of smart, connected products

Use a design framework to create IoT product concepts

Access leading industry research and resources

Understand how smart, connected products are transforming industry boundaries

Learn about nine IoT Settings that provide a framework for business strategy and marketing

Apply your knowledge of IoT Settings in the development of a simple IoT use case diagram

Access current industry and academic research and resources

Intro to Arduino Interfacing

Enter the exciting world of Arduino microcontroller platform, sensors, actuators, and interfacing.

The Arduino Microcontroller Development Board.

Interfacing a Light Emitting Diodes (LED)

Interfacing a Joystick

Interfacing a Servo

Interfacing an Ultrasonic Range Finder

Interfacing a Photoresistor (LDR)

Interfacing a Water Depth Sensor

Interfacing a Temperature Sensor

Interfacing a Soil Humidity Sensor

Interfacing a Capacitive Touch Sensor

Raspberry Pi, Python, and Electronics Bootcamp

Kick start Innovation with Complete Raspberry Pi Raspbian Setup and Python 3 programming for LEDs

Understand what Raspberry Pi is

Install and Explore Raspbian OS on Raspberry Pi on your own

Get started with Python 3 Programming

Create a simple programs for LEDs

Raspberry Pi Workshop 2018 Become a Coder / Maker / Inventor

Get started with Raspberry Pi and learn how to use it as a full fledged maker; from software to hardware!
What Will You Learn?
  • Learn about the Raspberry Pi ecosystem
  • How to program with Python
  • Use the GPIO to interface with other hardware / sensors / electronics
  • Learn how to write Shell scripts
  • How to schedule tasks and applications
  • How to make desktop applications with graphical user interfaces
  • Learn how to use a Raspberry Pi within the “Internet of Things”

Physical Computing with Arduino, Nodemcu & Raspberry Pi.

The First Step towards the Internet of Things with Hardware.

Introduction to Hardware (i.e. Arduino, Nodemcu, Raspberry Pi).

Basic Programming to start working with Hardware (Arduino Sketch, Raspberry Pi Node-Red).

Overview of Arduino IDE & Programming Methods.

Sketch Programming Language.

Node-Red Visual Programming for IoT.

Audio Engineering: Signal Flow

This course would be our last choice in this list of the Best Free Electrical Engineering Courses on Udemy ,  Learn about signal flow and why it is important to learn as an audio engineer
This course will go over the following and more:
  • What is signal flow
  • Why is signal flow important
  • Inputs and outputs
  • The two different types of signal flow
  • Patch bays

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