How to use Mooc Aggregators to find online engineering courses ?

What if e you didn’t find the courses you wished to take in our website , Online Engineering Courses ? then you should use one of the top MOOC Aggregators websites.

how to use Mooc Aggregators to find any online engineering courses ?

how to find any courses or training materials in any other field or topic ?

Mooc Aggregators

What is a MOOC Aggregator ?

MOOC Aggregator , ( MOOC = Massive Open Online Courses) is in three simple words:

“Courses Search Engine ”

So , instead of searching for any specific course in any online courses providers websites , one website by one ,these “MOOC Aggregators” will search the whole internet for you , they will find all the courses in all the online learning websites ( the MOOC providers) and  they will help you find all the learning materials that you wished for.

Some of theese “MOOC Aggregators” are searching for the Free Online Courses only , while the others will search for the Free & Paid Courses.

Example 1 : when you search for “Electrical Engineering” in Class Central ,  you will get 111 Courses from many online courses providers in this search results .

Example 2 :when you search for “Electrical Engineering” in Course Talk  you will get 43 Courses from many online courses providers in this search results . when you apply the “free cost” filter , the results will be down to only 40 courses , you can use more filters such as: Start Date , Language, rating, and many other filters  to minimize the number of courses in the search results .

These are some of  the top MOOC Aggregators :

  1. My Education Path
  2. Course Talk
  3. Class Central
  4. Course buffet
  5. Degreed
  6. Tubecourse
  7. Mooc List

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