3 Phase Motor Control Bootcamp

In this udemy Course: 3 Phase Motor Control Bootcamp  , you will Take your electrical motor control skills from zero to hero!

3 Phase Motor Control Bootcamp


WHAT WILL YOU LEARN From 3 Phase Motor Control Bootcamp COURSE?

  • How to design and wire up 7 essential 3 phase motor control circuits, push button operated.
  • DOL, reverse, on delay, off delay, star/delta, mixed voltage, DC injection braking.
  • 3 phase squirrel cage motor characteristics and connections.
  • How the parts that make up motor control systems operate and how they are used in a circuit.
  • The difference between star and delta formations.



  • Some prior knowledge of AC electric circuits and motors would help but it’s not critical.
  • Basic knowledge of simple power formulas and ohms law.
  • The difference between voltage and current.
  • An understanding of normally open and normally closed contacts is ideal but not critical.
  • Understand the difference between 3 phase and single phase voltages and connections. We go over it briefly at the start.

DESCRIPTION of 3 Phase Motor Control Bootcamp COURSE:

This course is bootcamp for push button 3 phase motor controls.

Learn how to design and wire up 7 essential 3 phase motor control circuits.

In this course we will learn about 3 phase squirrel cage motors and the different ways of connecting them. We will learn about contactors, thermal overloads, relays, circuit protection, indicator lights, push buttons, an off delay timer relay, an on delay timer relay, a power supply and a dc injection brake. We will look at how all these parts work and how they are used in conjunction with each other to control 3 phase motors.

The first circuit we look at is the staple of motor controls, the DOL starter. We start off nice and easy by designing the power circuit. The power circuit is the base that we will work from for all of our circuits in the course. We will explain the characteristics of the power circuit and then build up the control circuit step by step, lesson by lesson, until we end up with a fully functioning DOL starter for a 3 phase motor. After we have designed our DOL circuit we will then wire it up from scratch and check it’s operation.

Like the DOL starter, we will comprehensively learn another 6 motor control circuits such as reverseon delayoff delaystar/delta, various mixed voltage circuits and a dc injection braking circuit. We look at some practical applications for these circuits and we also discuss some of the different ways to design them. To keep things fresh we will mix up the supply voltages, so that no matter where you come from around the world the skills learnt in this course will be easily transferable.

If you’re keen on learning 3 phase motor controls, get your pen ready so we can start drawing up the control circuits together!

What is covered in the course:

  • Introduction: Different supply voltages, schematics.
  • Learn the parts:3 phase squirrel cage induction motor, contactors, thermal overloads, relays, circuit protection, push buttons, indicator lights, power supply, off delay timer relay, on delay timer relay, dc injection brake.
  • Control circuit design, wiring and operation:DOL, reverse, on delay, off delay, start/delta, mixed voltage, dc injection braking.


  • People interested in becoming electrical control technicians.
  • Pre-apprentices or apprentices interested in learning 3 phase motor controls.
  • Electricians that want to take their motor control skills to the next level.
  • Anyone interested in learning about 3 phase motor controls and their applications.


YOU CAN ACCESS 3 Phase Motor Control Bootcamp FROM HERE.

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